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A warm welcome.....

I am delighted to introduce myself and my therapeutic services to you.

As an extensively experienced Counsellor, Parenting Expert & Writer, I have provided Counselling services for a decade, with a career spanning from the UK, to Beijing and now Bangkok, whereby I have continued assisting children, teenagers and adults in their times of distress and challenges, globally. 

Specialising and integrating methods, such as Person Centred and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, I am an attentive practitioner with profound compassion and immediacy to your requirements. 

Having vast experience of working with clients with an age range of 4-60, and specialising in cross-cultural counselling, I am open-minded and sensitive to the diverse issues which people experience.

My positive client outcomes are demonstrative of my professional integrity and passionate approach as a Humanistic Counsellor. 

Love & Strength,


L.J Jones: Speaker & Writer

Conscious Parenting Courses

L.J revels in hosting online parenting workshops and courses whereby she welcomes parents from all over the world by bringing them together and 1:1 to heal from generational trauma and dysfunctional parenting approaches, in order to do better for their own children through her renowned conscious parenting workshops. L.J is currently writing a book on this very topic. Just like on her 8-Step Parenting Course, she walks you down avenues of inner-child healing, before teaching you how to re-parent yourself before mastering the art of Conscious Parenting. 

These groups became extremely important to her after publicly speaking to large groups of mothers and business/career women about topics related to conscious parenting and how to support our young people through the developmental stages of their lives. After considering how much pressure and expectations are required from busy mother's who are expected to 'get everything right', and how much they have benefited from offloading to other like-minded mamma's, L.J felt it was crucial to bring women together through her collective reach. She shares a strong message: Happy, content parents = happy, content children. The Conscious Parenting workshops enable parents to develop education and strategies which, in turn creates harmony for the whole family, including how to manage your own self-care, whilst applying gentle but empowered parenting so that you can be the type of parent who you needed when growing up. 

Healing & Empowerment Retreats, Thailand

The sensationally designed: 'Women's Healing & Empowerment Retreats' in Thailand are proving to be an extremely popular option for ambitious-minded women who wish to come together in luxurious surroundings to delve deeper into their childhood experiences and feminine energy, to inspire and be inspired and to set goals within our Design Your Destiny members group. Our full retreat schedules can be accessed and booked via our 'bookings' tab. 

These retreats are utterly life-changing and an investment which will benefit your present and future in both your personal and professional endeavours. 


L.J is an extremely passionate writer and self-help advocate, thus her book sprinkled with lots of self-help strategies for parents wanting to become 'Conscious' will be launched in 2024. L.J is super excited about this as she believes it is a way of stretching her counselling support and workshop strategies further afield to all the cycle breaking parents out there who will benefit from her gripping self-help style parenting book, which she refers to as: "The manual you weren't provided with".

She can also be seen guest writing in various articles and online blogs where she share mental health strategies and insights as a global healer. It was recently an honour for L.J when asked to contribute to articles in The Daily Telegraph and HuffPost UK .

Image by Hugo  Barbosa

 Would you like me to be a guest speaker or writer for your organisation?

I am always eager when approached to use my platform to guest speak or write which allows me to raise mental health awareness and to educate parents........ Let's connect.


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