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Through LJ’s sessions, I have become the brightest, most self-assured, most present version of myself despite all I have been through. I learned to own my story, acknowledge the hurt, who and what I am no longer willing to tolerate and have thrive in my life. I’ve learned that I have the power to shift my narrative, shed my old skin and bloom into a new era. With what we’ve explored together, I feel like I’m truly stepping into a new course for my life, selecting what to take with me from the past, my lessons, my blessings. I am the gatekeeper to my soul, and I can select what comes and goes. I am designing my Destiny, exactly like LJ’s course says. Thank you so much for helping me step into my new era, LJ! I am grateful to have met you. You truly are a blessing to me and all the women and children you’ve helped in their own journeys! Isabella, Bangkok, Thailand. May 2023

Trying to summarise what LJ has done for me in six short weeks is simply indescribable. Needing a helping hand to push me along on my quest for recovering from narcissistic abuse was the main reason for me booking the course of six sessions but in those weeks I stumbled down paths I never even knew I needed to revisit. To say I have grown, healed in most part and will no longer tolerate ill treatment is an understatement. Forever grateful. 

Janet, Bangkok, Thailand. May 2022

I could never forget the day I met LJ. She’s like an angel, appeared in my darkest days and brought me back to the light.

She’s always brightly smiling when she speaks, and she’s so tender and empathetic like a branch of sunshine touching your heart. When we speak, I felt like we’d known each other for a long time. I guess she has some invisible magic.

I told her the problems my son was facing, and she told me, she would hold some sessions to communicate with my son every week and help him through the difficult time.

In the following days, my son visited LJ every Wednesday. The first time, they played some therapy games and observed the golden fish in the tank in her office. My son was very happy. He run into me and told me what happened in his session, and told me how nice and funny LJ was. He never stopped laughing when he told me everything and seemed like he could not stop talking. Soon after that, LJ wrote to me an email, and told me how she found my son. She said many beautiful and warm words. If you’ve never been there, you would not understand how important that meant to me. Yes, I was encouraged like we had hope!

After that, my son kept visiting LJ for around two months, and she always ensured our family was treated with discretion and respect, and this is just one of her kindnesses. My son became more and more confident and happy. 

I will always be grateful to Lj, she’s very professional and kind from deep inside of her heart. I felt lucky for both me and my son to have had met her in our lives when we did. She’s even more important and nicer to us than she knows. For the hundredth time I want to tell her, thank you LJ, we value you so much!

G & S. Beijing, China. May 2020

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