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4 mental health tips

🧠 Do you have a ‘busy brain’?

One of the most common cognitive disturbances brought to therapy is ‘overthinking’. It creates anxiety & panic attacks. It can also cloud your judgements, lead to poor choices & commonly it initiates insomnia.

Although we can’t prevent unwelcome thoughts which often lead on to another & another …… it is in fact mastering the art of recognising them, and replacing them with a positive/rational thought to break the cycle.

Resting the mind can also happen by practicing mindfulness & meditation.

✍🏼 setting 3-5 realistic, achievable goals is a healthy & empowering tool to support your overall mental wellness. Having something positive to work towards keeps the mind focused and hopeful…. Not to mention the enormous feelings of self-pride once achieved

🧘🏻‍♀️this one can be especially difficult if you’re not naturally a balanced eater or passionate sports person, however if you find that one thing you do enjoy (mine is swimming), it can be your ‘go to’ method of clearing your mind in times of overwhelm and stress and of course releasing those endorphins is always great for the mind

🙅🏻‍♀️valuing yourself! Sounds easy, right? Well it is anything but easy for many people who’s self-worth & belief has been damaged. Practice self-compassion, self-love & healing!!!! Read books, book therapy, do whatever you need but find that SELF-LOVE & ACCEPTANCE!!!!!

Love & strength

LJ 🤍

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