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Conscious Parenting in times of Crisis

It was an honour to co-host this crucial webinar with Ms. Macken on behalf of this amazing educational establishment in Sri Lanka.

We were invited to speak to parents in communities that are directly affected by the current economical crisis, so much so that there has been a very recent child murder on their streets. It is difficult to fathom the level of stress, anxiety and other mental health difficulties their state of crisis is initiating, more so as we near 'post pandemic'.

It was a privilege to psycho-educate and provide coping strategies for these parents who are experiencing profound stress and fear, and who still 'showed up' to equip themselves with better understanding and empowerment to support their children through this terrible time.

We do not need to experience war, economic upheaval or other serious atrocities to identify unhealthy or missing strengths to our parenting patterns. Being a 'conscious parent' is never too late to learn and will have enormous positive benefits for your whole family.

If you feel you need to enhance your parenting skills or would benefit from support in general through difficult times of parenting, please reach out to me to receive the free webinar presentation I provided to these parents. Knowledge is power!

Should you wish to work 1:1 with me to begin your journey of conscious parenting, we can do this in person or through online sessions.

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