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Hardships often prepare ordinary people for an extraordinary destiny!

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

Welcome to my website 'Design Your Destiny'. It did not seem complete to launch my new site without reaching out to you and sharing more of my hopes and excitement for you, and for me as I walk with you on a part of your therapeutic journey.

It is an honor now more than ever to support people with the ramifications of a global pandemic. Most people have experienced their own anxieties, complexities, and feelings of helplessness at this stage.

Have your family dynamics shifted? Are you worried about how online learning and other factors of the pandemic have affected your children? Have you experienced loss of any kind? Are you suffering from anxiety, low mood, disturbed sleep, or feeling generally overwhelmed and under-satisfied with your life?

Do you feel as though you would benefit from someone providing you with a confidential time and space to process your experience of such an uncertain and prolonged time, and to really feel heard with compassion and understanding?

I left the UK in September 2020 to pursue my dream of living in Asia, I was determined that the pandemic would not block the years of hard work I had dedicated to making my dream a reality. Here I am: living in Beijing and seeing some of the most amazing landmarks in the world. I am feeling proud and fulfilled to have designed my destiny and made it a living reality. I hope to be that source of encouragement for you to unpack any of the above struggles and continue on your path of positivity and personal growth.

I am delighted to to be accepting bookings for 1:1, couples, and family Counselling sessions, and I am filled with eagerness to hold space for you as you pause, process, accept, and grow from your experiences, trauma, self-limitations and/or those of which others have placed on you.

I would like to take this opportunity to send love, strength, & healing!

L.J Jones

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