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Healing from Childhood Trauma

Updated: Jun 8, 2022

Healing: recovering from visible and invisible wounds that you may have carried around with you since infancy. Such a confusing and heavy burden.

The first eight years of your life is when you stored information on how life should be lived by imitating your parents behaviours and forming a sense of self from the things you did not receive from your primary care givers. If you witnessed domestic issues, bullying, or any form of unrest, even as small as a parent being overly busy and unable to meet your emotional needs, your limited cognitive ability at that age was unable to process the facts and so you downloaded the information you witnessed through a trauma lens and stored it in your subconscious. Your belief system was created here....

New heartaches, triggers, stressors & general life challenges may have unearthed unresolved trauma and pain that you were unaware of. Didn't you know you had such heartache stored away?

Childhood trauma can lie dormant until resurfacing in the form of addiction, anxiety disorders, depression, PTSD, and copious other mental health challenges. The harmful lifestyle and relationship choices you make are often subconscious actions of the trauma that is buried deep within your blueprint!

Have you felt: 'stuck' with the same issue(s), limitations, or toxic relationships?

Trauma needs to be acknowledged, processed and healed from before you clip your beautiful wings and fly!

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