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L.J Jones featured in US Women's empowerment magazine: How are your boundaries?

Updated: Feb 12

I am delighted to share my recent article with you all which was published within the fabulous 'Polished Perspective Magazine'. This US publication is aimed at the ever-developing modern day woman who is driven, and committed to her wellbeing, hopes and dreams, and is out there making them a reality. As this ethos aligns perfectly with the entirety that is 'Design Your Destiny', I was naturally thrilled to collaborate.

Whilst pondering what exactly stands in the way of even the most empowered female in her quest for a fulfilled personal and professional life, I arrived at the fact that regardless of diverse factors, such as age, race, and social status, us women still forget to keep our boundaries secure. Having healthy and steady boundaries in place is fundamental to protect our energy and to manage difficult people, and busy schedules.

You can grab a copy of the publication as a reminder to take care of these boundaries! And/or contact me to work 1:1 on all that is 'boundary setting'.

Albeit a little late, I am delighted to share my article in the recently published American female empowerment publication: 'Polished perspective Magazine'. This magazine is aimed at the ever-developing modern day woman who strives for and is actioning her dreams. Correlating that ethos to the entirety that is 'Design Your Destiny' and our work being largely aimed at supporting and empowering females through challenges and heartaches, it was an honour to be invited to collaborate. I decided the most inspirational topic would be to write about 'Boundaries'. Regardless of status, culture, age and other diversities, us females often overlook the healthy boundaries that must be in place to thrive both in mental and physical wellness, and in our careers, hopes and dreams.

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