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Prioritise your mental health

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

🤍Have you made a decision that it is time to prioritise your mental health?

👂🏼Are you experiencing higher anxiety and a lower mood?

🤍Are you feeling overwhelmed by the prolonged uncertainty of the pandemic?

👂🏼Have your family dynamics been affected by the ongoing challenges we are collectively experiencing?

🤍If you feel ready to take that first step to caring for your mental wellness and/or that of your families, I am here to welcome you.

👂🏼Are you ready to grant yourself the much needed time & space to pause, process, find acceptance for past and/or current experiences, and start the healing process so that you can strategise your next steps to reclaiming your inner peace & strength of mind?

👩🏻‍💻You can click the ‘booking’ option to arrange an initial consultation or your first 1:1 online Counselling session with me.

You will be welcomed with confidentiality, compassion & a nonjudgmental, listening 👂🏼 🤍

L.J Jones

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