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World Mental Health Day &... My Children's book Release Day: "Miss Jones's Worry Warriors"

How are you? It's been a while since I checked in. Life has been super busy, but positive and productive.

I am beyond excited to have launched a Children's Anxiety & Esteem Workbook. As I approach a decade since becoming a child and adult therapist, it felt timely to gather the positively empowering activities I use in the therapy room with kids and teens and share them on a wider, more available platform.

Parents, too will feel relieved and empowered by engaging in these fun, proactive strategies with their kids as they will help to open up much needed discussions and identify root causes of anxiety and reduced esteem.

Empowerment and harmony for the whole family!

Sending warm regards & wishes of a peaceful rest of October and beyond,

LJ @ Design Your Destiny

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